Like every June, Basel lives at the rhythm of its world-renowned art show. As a hub for contemporary art, Art Basel brings together art aficionados and professionals. I especially love its vibrant atmosphere and creative energy.

Artbasel-Jamie-ZigelbaumNew York based designer Jamie Zigelbaum has created “Triangular Series”, an installation of moving lights. Each stalactite-like piece can detect the other objects around it and react to the movement of people passing underneath by modifying the light intensity.

Artbasel-Alfredo Jaar“Teach us to outgrow our madness” is a neon light installation created by Alfredo Jaar. The wall imposes its luminous message, a literally highlighted statement.

Photography by Géraldine Morand


  1. I recently read about this art exhibition in one of the expo articles on internet. I hope its the same one you describe above. I have always been fascinated by arts and artists. When you think out of the box, you nourish your soul and let it come out of its comfort zone. It gives you joy for self expression. Reading/Listening/watching such art pieces truly inspires me and gives me some food for thought. I plan to visit this expo next summer. I hope you will be going again this June. Looking forward for the pictures 🙂

    • Hi Ankita, thanks for your message. It is always nice to get comments and impressions. Indeed, art is an infinite source of inspiration.
      I will be visiting the exhibition this year as well… stayed updated to get more information on this art fair 🙂

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