Bringing a breath of fresh air in my neighbourhood, L’Atelier has recently opened a few doors away. This friendly gallery-cafe offers a cosy atmosphere where you instantly feel at home, but not only, it also showcases the work of new artists.

The artworks and the motley selection of vintage furniture give character to the sleek wooden structure of the bar. Until end of November, Swiss artist Annaelle Clot exhibits the drawings that she has especially created for the occasion.

Artworks or furniture, if you like them, they are yours. That way, the place remains in constant evolution and surprises you with new pieces at each visit.Atelier1Early morning breakfast, afternoon coffee or after-work drinks, L’Atelier is definitely a place to enjoy at any time of the day. As you know me quite well by now, a tasty brunch is also served on weekends.

While it is still sunny, I recommend you the terrace. Because every detail is taken care of, you will get a heating water bag to keep you warm when the sun goes down.

It’s great to have such a place around the corner. I hope that you get a chance to discover it.Atelier3bPhotography by Géraldine Morand

L’Atelier – Avenue de France 39 – 41, 1004 Lausanne -Switzerland


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