Summer is in full swing! While the pace slows down, we tend to enjoy more the little things in life, spending time on the beach listening to the waves or gathering friends together for a dinner on the terrace. A playful spirit takes over and it is time to unwind. Do you also like to take a nape on a hammock or just let your inner child enjoy a swing?

There is a way to bring this festive ambiance inside and thus, make the summer last for ever. Reminding us good childhood memories, the swing is moving in. Set up as peaceful bubble or a flying bed, those swinging elements enlighten the atmosphere and offer a cosy setting to relax.WTSS-Swing 1Here is how you can adapt this playful accessory to your interior. I hope that you are already feeling the gentle breeze in your hair while swinging.

WTSS-Swing 3

WTSS-Swing 4

Pictures: H&M Home (1), Broste (2) and Jeltje (3)


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