The current trend is all about decluttering, simplifying and organising, as the Japanese cleaning expert Marie Kondo explains in her now #1 New York Times best-selling guide “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising”. Step by step, the minimalist spirit takes over. What if today we’ll start with organising our home office with style?

Whether you like them colourful or in shades of grey, the geo jars by Normann Copenhagen and the wall baskets by House Doctor are efficient ways to classifying. Even though chaos also brings some fun to life, you may want to spend your time better than searching for a clip or a pen.

WTSS-NormannCopenhagen-Organizer-geo jar

WTSS-Housedoctor-desk-2With its containers of different shapes and sizes, the classic Uten.Silo by Vitra remains a safe value to bring order. Feel free to add a funny quote or a cool picture to make you smile while admiring so much tidiness.WTSS-Vitra-deskAnd if you prefer the DIY-option, have a look at the inspiring Danish book « Tag naturen med hjem » – in English Take Nature Home – to create your own organiser made of material found while exploring nature. For sure, it is soon time for a walk in the forest. Keep your eyes open to find some treasures!WTSS-DIY-Tag-naturen-med-hjem-bookAre you up for a decluttering challenge?

Photography by Normann Copenhagen (1), House Doctor (2), Vitra (3) and Pia Krøyer & Christina B. Kjeldsen (4)


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