Dadadum, a praise of slowness

While swinging through life, it is not always easy to focus on the right priority. As you get your warm cup of coffee and sit down comfortably to read this article, I’d like you to take a moment to enjoy the warm atmosphere around you and to notice the smell of fresh coffee filling the air. What if today we’ll slow down a bit and appreciate life a little more than usual.

Home, Sweet Home! may be a very commonly used quote. However, it is also clear that home doesn’t necessarily refer to a place but to a feeling, a sense of happiness and harmony. Launched two years ago, DADADUM has been rethinking this approach of home and is now spreading its philosophy of slow living to all design lovers.

With its pure lines, DADADUM furniture collection is mostly made of natural and sustainable material that can stand life’s surprises. Designed to last, the Origami table and the Cresta chair pay tribute to the Swiss design heritage. Simple, yet beautiful, they aren’t drawing the attention to themself, but fitting into creative spaces in a discreet way and thus, giving free rein to one’s priority.

A great space and quality time to share with friends and family in a caring atmosphere, isn’t it what we all want for our home? As communication expert and interior styling enthusiast, I’m very happy to have contributed to this meaningful project and to finally be able to share it with you. I hope you’ll embrace the nowness a little more every day and wish you sweet moments!



Photography by Dadadum

Styling by Géraldine Morand