The inspiring showroom apartments

Would you like to live in this outstanding apartment? Too bad, it’s a showroom! With The Apartment, Enter the Loft, Witness Apt, The Line and even Fritz Hansen’s pop-up during last Design Week in Milan, the concept of a showroom apartment is becoming the new way to experience and shop interior design trends.It is a great showcase for new furniture and it surprises visitors that can easily feel at home. Again and again, they go back for interior inspiration. More than shops, these showrooms also offer a place to gather for special events or workshops. In such a creative setting, there is no wonder that some of them even have artists in residency.

Shopping has just reached a new level. Before experiencing it, get a glimpse into these amazing lofts. Enjoy the visit!

The Apartment in Copenhagen
Created by Tina Seidenfaden Busck and Pernille Hornhaver, the concept store located in Christianshavn is used to display their inventory of furniture, art and design, in constant evolution.WTSS-3a-TheApartment-CPH-2

WTSS-3a-TheApartment-CPH-3Enter The Loft in Amsterdam
Organised by The Playing Circle, this conceptual pop-up store takes regularly place in an Amsterdam apartment. The loft is fully furnished and every piece in the space is for sale.WTSS-3c-EnterTheLoft-AMST-1

WTSS-3c-EnterTheLoft-AMST-2The Line in New York City
Created by Kate and Morgan Wendelborn with Vanessa Traina, this SoHo apartment gives all design goods a great story by contextualizing them in a beautiful space.WTSS-3b-TheLine-NYC-1

WTSS-3b-TheLine-NYC-2The Witness Apt In New York City
With its view over Madison Square Garden, this design boutique provides you some inspiration on how to solve your interior puzzle.



Photography: The Apartment, Enter The Loft, The Line and The Witness Apt