At Josefin Hååg’s

Moving into a new apartment is like starting a new chapter of your life. You settle down and make the place yours by adding a personal touch, so that you can finally call it home, sweet home!

The talented interior stylist Josefin Hååg have found inspiration in her beautiful 20 sqm apartment, where she has lived for seven years. She has styled it her way, taken thousand of pictures and for sure, created great memories. She even named her blog after it, 20kvadrat.

Closing that chapter, she is now selling her tiny, yet inspiring home on Fantastic Frank. It is time to give a last glance at her creative place, located in Stockholm city centre.

As I like her work, I’m already looking forward to discovering her new apartment and the way she will style it. A white page, or an empty place, offers endless possibilities. All the best for this new beginning!

WTSS- 20kvadrat-FantasticFrank-2 WTSS- 20kvadrat-FantasticFrank-3 WTSS- 20kvadrat-FantasticFrank-4Currently for sale with Fantastic Frank

Photography: © Emily Laye