Looking for inspiration? While writing an article or working on a new project, diving into a good book always helps. Let me introduce you a new serie that is all about having an interesting read!

Every month, I will share with you my new editorial discoveries focusing on different topics such as interior, design, branding or business! These books or magazines may be long-lasting references or just stories matching my current mood, but they all trigger my reflection. Today, I start with finding interior inspiration.


Mixing contemporary art, beautiful interiors and reflections on new ways of living, this first selection is an endless source of inspiration to me. When I’m seeking for new ideas, I let my spirit wander through the pages and make connections between art, design, interior and even business.



Coming soon: Emma Fexeus of Ems Designblogg announced the launch of her second book. After Northern Delights, she is now working on a new release and I can’t wait to discover it.

On your side, if you have any good recommendations, please feel free to share your favourite books with me.

Enjoy an inspiring reading session!

WTSS-Books-1-Interiorinspiration-3Photography by Geraldine Morand

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