A cultural getaway in Weimar

What if this year you dive into the rich cultural history of Weimar? Located in the city centre, the Weimar design apartments offer a perfect setting to enjoy a getaway in the German town, birthplace of the Bauhaus movement.

Unexpected destination, it is definitely an inspiring city! Indeed, over the year, many German writers such as Goethe and Schiller and musicians like Wagner and Bach took up residence in Weimar, which is now listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

As a funny hint to this great artistic history, the team of designwe.love has named its holiday place “Hier war Goethe nie”, in English “here, Goethe was never”. A few years ago, they have chosen a 1907-townhouse and renovated it to create these beautifully styled apartments. Perfect for design and art lovers, they are furnished with design classics and new pieces created by graduates of Weimar Bauhaus University.

In order to support young designers, the team doesn’t only showcase their work, their creations produced in small series are also sold on the online boutique www.designwe.love. Therefore if you like the interior accessories presented in these holiday apartments, you can also buy them for your own home.

Good news, a third holiday apartment will open this summer! Keep an eye on this vacation place to be among the first ones to stay there.

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Photography: © Design Apartment Weimar