Dadadesir’s artful world

Located in Bienne/Switzerland, the Dadadesir Studio is a one-of-kind place. Myriam and Jerôme, the creative Dada duo, have chosen a bright industrial space to create their delicate and artful scarfs. Let’s pay them a visit!

If the space is well structured in different areas such as a large working desk, a cosy lounge, a photo shooting corner and a shared space, you can’t help noticing the loads of inspiring magazines stored under the desk and the colourful paper prototypes on the wall. Dada spirit is floating in the air!

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While the 100th-anniversary of Dadaism is celebrated with exhibitions all over the world and especially in Zürich, Dadadesir is also paying tribute to the art movement by applying its well-known motto “destroy to rebuild”.

During the creative process, the duo completes each other perfectly. Once the season mood-boards are set, Jerôme goes through many magazines and carefully selects the pieces to assemble; making sure that none of them is recognizable. When the main pattern is laid on paper, Myriam reworks it graphically and adds her personal touch. At that stage, colour changes and pieces moves around until they finally fall into place harmoniously, as it happens in abstract artworks.

WTSS-1-Dadadesir-2-geraldinemorand WTSS-1-Dadadesir-5-geraldinemorandWTSS-1-Dadadesir-9-geraldinemorand

Entitled “Urban Birds”, the spring/summer 2016 collection is made of silk and cotton, and only produced in a small serie, so that it stays exclusive. Discover the complete collection.
Dadadesir, a tribe to Dada, to wear without restraint!


Photography: ©Geraldine Morand,

Picture of the designers by Dadadesir