Heidi & James

Launched a year ago, Heidi & James is the venture of a passionate design lover. The growing company presents a carefully selected range of contemporary furniture and accessories, all from emerging designers mainly based in Switzerland and in the UK.


Raised in Geneva and now living in London, its founder Véronique Le Fort spends a lot of time traveling, not only between both cities, but also to visit the designer’s workshops. Indeed, when a piece catches her attention, she takes the time to get to know the designer and to understand its creative process. Building long-term collaborations, she can see the collection of each designer evolves over time, while she always stays open for new discoveries.

With her international vision and branding knowledge, she has already gathered 12 talented designers, creating thus a sharp selection of homeware products. Far away from the mass production, these pieces that are crafted and produced with care, carry the designer’s identity. Made to last, they bring a personal touch to any interior, no matter how many times they are moved around. They hold the distance and make you feel home wherever you go!

Mixing style, colour and material, this selection is available online on www.heidiandjamesdesign.com and since a week, it is also showcased at Les Enfants Terribles in Geneva. This weekend, take the opportunity to discover it at the Design Days Fair in Renens.

Here are our favourite picks.

Arbor Chair and Lampadaire Skipper by Tom Raffield

wtts-heidi-and-james-tom-raffield-arbor-armchair-wood-grey-lifestyle wtss5-heidi-and-james-skipper-tom-raffield

British designer Tom Raffield masters wood design. Inspired by the forms of nature, he creates and makes each item by hand in his workshop in Cornwall. Combining sustainable design with the low-energy process of steam bending, he designs timeless pieces that people can have forever and even pass on to their children if they want to.


Cement Tiles Rug and Circus Table by Marlo & Isaure

wtss2-marlo-isaure-cement-tiles-rug-credits-marlo-et-isaure wtss3-marlo-isaure-circus-coffee-table

Swiss designer Marlo Kara and French designer Isaure Bouyssonie met while studying at the prestigious ECAL in Lausanne. In 2013, the creative duo launched its furniture and home accessories brand. Exploring diverse artistic fields, they focus on contemporary forms that meet functional and daily use.


Roll Collection by Verena Hennig


Growing up in a creative environment, the German designer Verena Hennig combines the fields of art, architecture and design. From graphic design and 3D printing, she soon switched to product design and creates furniture and accessories for the everyday use, always with a minimalist aesthetic.


Fine Stationery by Stilgraf


Founders of the Stilgraf manufacture, Swiss designers Philipp Graf and Martin Stillhart share a love of finely produced beautiful objects. Paying tribute to the writing culture, they create high-quality stationery items made from wood, brass, paper and other natural materials. Firmly believing that the value of an object depends on the quality of its workmanship, they pay attention to every detail.

Discover all designers and the complete furniture selection on www.heidiandjamesdesign.com.

HEIDI & JAMES AT LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES – Rue Prévost-Martin 24, 1205 Geneva – Switzerland

All pictures by ©Heidi & James,

except the rug by ©Marlo & Isaure