At Sara Thom’s, it’s all about patterns

Based in Lausanne, the artist and graphic designer Sara Thom has welcomed us in her beautiful home and unveiled her latest collection of art prints. Get ready to enter her colourful world!

After graduating from the prestigious ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne, Sara Thom has developed her artistic career, while working in parallel as a graphic designer and art director.

Inspired by colours and forms, she has experimented different techniques as well as colour in all its forms, cultivating a very personal and unique style. Armed with paintbrushes or even nail polishes, she often starts by creating colour splashes, that she cuts in thousands of tiny pieces and assembles harmoniously.

This year, she has launched a new set of art illustrations where organic patterns and vibrant colours blend to create compelling compositions. Here is a sneak peek of this stunning collection of pigment ink artworks, available here.

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True to her style, Sara has recently created the new visual identity of the Restaurant Pavillon, where the menu board carries her beautiful vegetal pattern.


Her home also reflects her love for patterns. Sara likes mixing new furniture with older pieces found in flea markets, to which she has given a new life thanks to colourful textiles. Thus, with a touch of colour, she warms up the atmosphere of each room. Enter now her stunning apartment and discover the visual stories, may they be on the displayed artworks or carefully chosen patterns, that enlighten this bright interior.

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Photography: ©Geraldine Morand