This article is made in collaboration with Céline Debray, founder and owner of the inspiring bookshop Sérendipité.ch. Recently selected within the 5 best independent bookstores by the French cultural magazine Les Inrocks, Sérendipité provides readings from all over the world on a large variety of topics, in rare issues, small series and even collectors’ editions. celine_superette_6315

Each month, we prepare a special selection of books and magazines on specific themes, from design to travel, branding and so much more. Thus, we hopefully offer you an endless source of inspiration. 

You have a new project in mind and you are about to get it started. With this selection, you’ll find a lot of inspiration to brand it.

As a creative mind, you are always thinking about a new project or even a future business and soon, it is time to give it a «face»! Indeed, a well-chosen visual identity says a lot about a venture. More than an image, it tells a story about the brand.

These inspiring publications present a wide collection of visual identities and branding ideas, within the creative industry, but not only. The hotel, food, furniture businesses are not left aside. Authentic, fancy, bold or subtle, explore the possibilities.


While launching your new business, these books gathering many creative visual identities are a great source of inspiration.

  • Start me up features innovative corporate design, far away from the stereotypes. Entrepreneurship is getting more personal, thus are the branding solutions, from cutting-edge logo to high-quality packaging ideas.
  • Visual identities for small businesses presents a selection of smart and imaginative design for creative companies. Business cards, stationery and wrapping paper can make a difference!
  • First Things First! New Branding and Design for New Businesses suggests a new and different branding approach for new comers. Fresh ideas for creative agencies, shop owners, organic farmers, hotel managers and all creative thinkers!
  • The Monocle Guide to Good Business showcases inspiring small companies from around the world. More than branding, it also presents their innovative, sometimes unique, business models, from craftsmanship to creative companies.



Specialized within the food and hospitality industry.

  • Knife and Fork has selected some of the most creative and unconventional visual identities within the world of eating, drinking, and hospitality. From espresso bars and chocolate manufacturers to bed and breakfasts, discover these imaginative corporate branding ideas for gourmets.
  • Casa Mãe presents a wonderful entrepreneurship journey. The owers of the unique boutique hotel Casa Mãe located in Lagos (Portugal) have collected the stories of all the people, artisans and designers, that have contributed to its creation. A stunning tribute to the renewal of crafts and a great way to present – or should we say brand – their hotel! True to the philosophy of the owner, this bilingual book written in English and Portuguese has been printed in the oldest print house of Portugal.



The following book and magazines unveil great branding case studies:

  • Green first is dedicated to eco-friendly design and has collected a large variety of projects showing how designers have risen to the challenge of green design and found creative solutions.
  • B magazine offers an in-depth study of different iconic brands. After Aesop, Helvetica, Dyptique, Ace hotel or Berlin, this issue focuses on the furniture brand Vitra and shares untold stories. A very interesting glance behind the scene!
  • Walter magazine is all about the making and the creative process. More than visual identities, it shows craftsmanship at its best and daily creativity. Written in English and French.


With plenty of inspiring exemples and probably many cups of coffee, it’s time to get it started. We wish you a successful start!


Photography: ©Geraldine Morand


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