First Bolia showroom in Switzerland

Last November, the Danish brand Bolia has opened a new store in Zürich where its beautiful interior collection is showcased for the first time in Switzerland. With its cosy arrangements, natural materials, soft colours, texture combinations and minimalist elements, each corner is a source of inspiration. Warmly welcomed with delicious tea and coffee, the visitors can stroll through the store, from one ambiance to the other.


Coming from all over Europe and even Japan, more than 40 in-house designers rethink Scandinavian design tradition and explore the latest interior trends to create high-quality furniture and home accessories. The sofa and fabrics are made of 100 % wool or recyclable polyester, while the furniture are designed and hand-built in Denmark and in Europe. The collection keeps evolving, as there is no big warehouse and no old stock, only fresh new design.

Good news! In 2017, Bolia will launch more than 250 new pieces designed in collaboration with the Danish fashion brand Soulland. And a new shop will open in Lausanne next spring. Keep an eye on it!

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BOLIA – Uraniastrasse 12, 8001 Zürich – Switzerland

Photography: ©Geraldine Morand