String interiors by Lotta Agaton

The Swedish brand String has just revealed its new collection, presented this year again in an inspiring setting by interior stylist Lotta Agaton.

Designed by Nisse Strinning in 1949, the shelving system has become a Swedish classic that finds its place in each room. From small unit to entire shelf with integrated desks and cabinets, the sleek and modular design fits in minimalist homes as well as eclectic interiors.

With vivid tones to add a hint of colour or natural hues to brighten up the atmosphere, the 2017 lookbook pays tribute to Scandinavian coolness. Functional simplicity at its best!

WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-1 WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-2 WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-3 WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-4 WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-5 WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-6 WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-7 WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-8  WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-9 WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-10 WTSS_string-shelf-lookbook-styled-by-lotta-agaton-11

Photography: ©Marcus Lawett