Artgenève 2017

From January 26 to 29, Artgenève has gathered more than 80 galleries and art institutions in an intimate atmosphere.  This year again, the Geneva art fair has delighted contemporary art collectors and enthusiasts. It has even broadened its artistic horizons with a new cinema section and musical performances.

As this 6th edition has just closed its doors, discover the Swiss and international artists that have caught our attention.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-1The Arctic serie by Ester Vonplon exhibited among the Swiss talents awarded by Prix Mobilière.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-3Nel Verbeke’s minimalist scupltures showcased at the Zurich-based gallery Roehrs & Boetsch.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-5A glance at Cape Town thanks to Laurence Bonvin’s photographs, presented by FMAC media library.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-6HIT’s founder, Anne Minazio showcasing her work as well as Chloé Delarue’s installation.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-7Dan Perjovschi’s ephemeral work for the association Art for the World.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-8Darren Almond’s photograph showcased at Geneva-based gallery Gallery Xippas.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-9The design exhibition curated by French artist Matthieu Mercier.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-10The work of Swiss artist David Renggli presented at the Zurich-based gallery Peter Kilchmann.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-11The flag re-invented by Yarisal & Kublitz at the Geneva-based gallery Sebastien Bertrand.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-12The sculptures of Swiss artist Claudia Comte presented by the König gallery.

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-13The impressive installation Vertical Works by Anthony McCall

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-15Brigitte Kowanz’s work at the gallery Häusler Contemporary

WTSS-Artgeneve2017-16Romain Löser’s artworks and Sophie Bouvier Ausländer’s pigmented sculptures showcased by the Lausanne-based gallery Heinzer Reszler.

Photography: ©Geraldine Morand