Hypercollection by Egli Studio and Matthieu Girel

Swiss ingenuity has a bright future! Based in Renens/Lausanne, Egli Studio in collaboration with Matthieu Girel have recently presented their latest furniture line for creative interiors. A black and white colour palette, clean lines and a minimalist style define the new Hypercollection.

Designed for open and bright workspaces, this modular and flexible solution provides a visual divider without closing off each corner, adapting thus to many configurations and situations.

Composed of a shelf, a chair, a coffee table, two lamps and a coat rack, the Hypercollection dresses up offices and homes in an harmonious way. All furniture pieces have in common an elegant steel structure that can fit any interior. While the life in the office often gets busy, this collection keeps the space organised without cluttering it, for a better work atmosphere.

Discover this Hypercollection line in the new co-working space Hyperespace launched by the creative association in 2016.

HYPERESPACE – Rue de la paix 7, 1020 Renens – Switzerland

Photography: ©Julien Roux & Younès Klouche