Meeting Swiss Photographer Vanessa Cojocaru

Active in different artistic fields, Vanessa Cojocaru masterfully combines her skills in graphic design, art and photography with talent and passion.

With her traveller’s spirit, she indulged in an extended stay in London after completing her studies at ERACOM and her first professional experience as a graphic designer. Then, after her graduation in visual communication at the Geneva university of art and design /HEAD, London was calling again! From the British capital, she gives us insights about her career and her creative work.

During her studies, the young graphic designer explores Swiss industrial heritage and examines the influence that space have on human beings and their emotions. During this period of research and experimentation, many projects have emerged, as well as a new passion for photography, an art she has devoted most of her time to ever since.

Last December in Geneva, she exhibited her work More to the North, which was nominated as a finalist for the Human Rights Photography Prize of the Act on your Future Foundation. Based on the very current theme of migration, she interprets from an archaeological perspective the perpetual quest of people to find a territory offering them better horizons.

During a stay in Rotterdam, she was inspired by the raw beauty of the city and began a series of photographs in a refined style that she developed further during her travels. With her sharp look, she captures rarely visited places. Often out of sight, these industrial buildings, hangars and ports, are sublimated through her lens. She admits it, she doesn’t edit her pictures a lot. She rather concentrates on finding the composition that will catch her attention!

Her assertive style recalls the codes of brutalism, and her photos are captivating. Following a friend’s advice, she started to publish them on Instagram. Quickly, Vanessa joined the digital community of minimalist photographers that has invaded the most visual social network, and got her place in the sun. Her work is even published in Joia Magazine, Minimalzine and Noice Magazine.

To leave the virtual world, she looked for a place to exhibit her photographs. Out of curiosity, she stepped into La Supérette in Fribourg and after a brief talk with Susanne Ruiz Imboden, the owner of the place, a collaboration became obvious for both of them. Associated with the Scandinavian selection of the interior shop, her pictures resonate and perfectly complement the Nordic design collections signed by Muuto or Hay. The same clean lines and the same hints of bright colours working in perfect harmony!

Very aesthetic, the serie reinvents itself as home accessories, and thus, dresses up interiors by adding a touch of character.

Full of ideas, Vanessa Cojocaru will launch several new projects this year. In her hometown Fribourg or in London, chances are high that we will be amazed! Meanwhile, an inspiring detour by La Supérette is recommended to admire her work.



Discover Vanessa’s Instagram account @_vco_ and on her website

Photography: ©Vanessa Cojocaru