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Each month, we prepare a special selection of books and magazines on specific themes, from design to travel, branding and so much more. Thus, we hopefully offer you an endless source of inspiration.

As the summer comes to an end, there is no better plan than to organise your next getaway. So where will you go ? And which city guide will you pack ? Here are our recommendations.


Late summer and autumn are among the best times of the year to stroll around a new city, enjoying the still warm rays of sunshine and the fresh breeze.

The most difficult part is to pick only one destination. Of course, you’d like to see them all. So let’s start with a small overview of all the possiblities.

Northern Europe is calling.
With Destination, Small Wonders and Herb Lester.


Fall in New York City is always a good idea.
With Cereal city guide and Herb Lester.


Get lost in translation with a Paris-Tokyo connection.
With the New Voyager, Herb Lester and the guides by Isabelle Boinot.


It’s never too late for some beach time.
With Kinfolk and Analogue guide.


Go east.
With Destination, I Heart Seoul, Small Wonder and the guide by Isabelle Boinot.


Full of insider’s tips, the following travel publications will delight all the curious city explorers, helping them to go local for a few days.

  • Analogue guide : Light and easy to pack in your bag, the collection is a compact and rich source of information featuring great local venues and hidden spots per neighbourhood. They include useful contact details and maps.
    In English. Available for Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Los Angeles and Paris.
  • Cereal city guides : Staying true to the minimalist aesthetics of the Cereal Magazine, the serie is a visual collection of beautiful places, from the favourite spots of the editorial team to the tips of local creative people. Just by browsing through the pages, you may feel the urge to fly over and enjoy a coffee break in that stunning café.
    In English. Available for London, New York, Paris and soon Copenhagen.
  • The Monocle travel guide : Reflecting the Monocle philosophy, the finest places to eat, drink and shop are presented, from the ideal route for an early-morning run to the best spots for local shopping and the city’s architectural gems.
    In English. Available for Istanbul and Paris.
  • 7h09, Carnet d’ailleurs : Litterature, cinema, gastronomy, folkore, music, these guides bring you into the cultural history of the city. Discover it with local artists, journalists, friends and randomly met life lovers.
    In French. Available for Barcelona and New York
  • In the mood for… : From fleamarkets to local B&B, this collection leads you off the beaten tracks and let you explore the city, its architecture and its carefully chosen addresses.
    In French. Available for Porto and Bruxelles.
  • Guided by Isabelle Boinot: In love with Japan, the French illustrator Isabelle Boinot has designed a travel diary for her two favourite cities. Discover Paris and Tokyo with her.
    Tokyo is in French and Japanese, Paris in French and English.
  • Destination: Because a picture is worth a thousand words, these photography books present about 40 addresses in images for each city. More than a guide, it is definitely an invitation to travel and a great source of inspiration for your trips.
    In French and English. Available for Antwerp/Bruxelles, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, French California, Helsinki, London, Marrakech, Paris, Singapoour and Stockholm.



Traveling light? Sometimes, all you need is a very good map that fits in your pocket.

  • Herb Lester : As if you would need an excuse to visit a new city, the serie collects dozens of good reasons to stop at almost each corner. Usual and unusual stops awaits you in town, just follow the map.
    In English. Available for Stockholm, Edinburgh, Reykjavik, Brooklyn, London, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo and Berlin.
  • Small wonders : On these easy-to-use maps, you’ll find the tips you need to live out of the ordinary, great little places to explore in each neighbourhood of the city. Definitely unexpected !
    In English. Available for Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Istanbul.
  • The New Voyager : Too cool for school ! Illustrated by a local artist, these city maps are designed for children to read and explore by themselves, while all recommended addresses will also delight the parents.
    In English. Available for Paris and Los Angeles
  • The Atlantis Books Guide to Santorini : coming soon, directly from the mysterious Greek island that has inspired so many legends.


On the way, fullfill your wanderlust and get entertained with these magazines dedicated to travel.

  • Kinfolk Travel Issue : They say something changes in us when we travel…
  • Travel Almanac : Hop on to visit stunning hotels and get inspired through portraits and interviews, with the special contribution of Charlotte Gainsbourg.
  • I Heart : Immerge yourself in a city, explore it and meet its people.



By now, are your ready to take off ?

Before you go and explore, don’t miss the festive celebration at La Supérette by Sérendipité on Thursday August 25th 2016 in Chexbres, you won’t be short on inspiration!


Photography: ©Geraldine Morand




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