Spring highlights by Ikea

This Spring, IKEA invites you to make room for a more festive life. Go bold, smart and party on!


The ever-evolving relationship between fashion and interior design contributes to our everyday life and enriches it with thousands of shades and patterns, making it alternatively minimalist or bold. The trends in both industries grow simultaneously, sharing vision and colour palettes. As the thin line between the two creative fields get blurred, fashion and furniture designers join forces to create unique collections.

To launch the SPRIDD limited edition, IKEA has teamed up with British fashion designer Kit Neale. The print-based accessories for home and beyond, including cushions, wall stickers, storage boxes and tableware as well as towels, tents and bags, bring a colourful splash into your life. With four different ambiances, initially inspired by four artworks, SPRIDD let you choose your favourite expressive universe among the bold patterns, or mix them all.

This collection is available until end of April.

The thing I love most about SPRIDD is the element of surprise – in the textures and in the scale of the objects and prints.” Kit Neale, fashion designer

©Geraldine Morand


Beginning of April, IKEA presented its smart lighting range and thus, took a major step into the connected world. Indeed, these new bulbs and LED panels can be remotely controlled in order to adjust the light brightness, intensity and warmth according to the different times of the day. Moreover, sensors allow the lamps to switch on and off automatically, when detecting movement.

Lighting is a key factor to create a warm, cosy, studious or festive atmosphere. This easy-to-use and affordable collection enables you to experiment with light and find the ambiance that suits you best to work, dine or relax.



For the first time, the Swedish furniture company took over a warehouse in Lambrate district during Milan Design Week. Hosting talks, workshops, parties and even morning yoga, IKEA explored the role of the living room and invite the visitor to rethink the space where the everyday life happens.

British design Faye Toogood focused on playfulness and creativity, while Swedish interior stylists Anna Lenskog Belfrage and Pella Hedeby, four room installations based around the themes of growing, creation, harmony and compact living were created.

©Ikea©Geraldine Morand

The IKEA Festival was also an opportunity to showcase the numerous collections designed together with the Danish company HAY, the designer Tom Dixon, the multifaceted design platform Design Indaba, the artist Kevin Lyons and the visual artist duo Pinar&Viola as well as to announce the upcoming collaboration with the American fashion designer Chris Stamp. Get ready for it !