Southern breeze with Republica Austral

In 2016, the political specialist Regula Brand and architect Claudio Riquelme launched Republica Austral and opened a first showroom, situated in the heart of Lausanne. With this new label, the duo brings attention to the South American emerging design scene.

M100 Chair designed by Matias Ruiz

The new generation of Chilean, Argentinian and Uruguayan designers highlight the traditional craftsmanship of their home countries. Choosing local materials such as copper, bronze, pottery and Patagonian wood, they remain close to their own cultural heritage, while adding a contemporary vision to their design collections.

To promote their creative talent in Europe, Republica Austral collaborates with award-winning design studios – Bravo!Ruiz Solar and Abel Carcamo – and showcases high-quality home accessories. If the minimalist lines of this timeless range may recall the well-known Scandinavian signature, their warm tones remind you of their Southern roots.

These discoveries enrich the current design panorama, open new horizons and invite you to keep exploring!

Volta lamp designed by Abel Carcamo

La Familia designed by Rodrigo Bravo

Stick Lamp designed by Matias Ruiz

Terracota lamp designed by Abel Carcamo

REPUBLICA AUSTRAL – Rue de l’Ancienne-Douane 3, Lausanne – Switzerland

Photography: ©Felipe Fontecilla