An ode to contemporary ceramic

Until September 24th, the charming town of Carouge/Geneva pays tribute to the new generation of ceramists that take part in the Parcours Céramique Carougeois. For its 15th edition, the ceramic biennale showcases the artworks of 45 artists coming from 12 different countries. From art installation to furniture design, they give a contemporary vision to this traditional know-how.

In each gallery and exhibition space, a unique atmosphere is to be discovered.

Kate Roberts has dressed the industrial Halles de la Fonderie with her impressive, yet fragile, art installation. Made in situ, this ephemeral artwork consisting of unfired clay questions the permanence of objects and the limits of nature.

French designer Clément Brazille and interior architect Peter Kammermann have joined forces to launch a ceramic table collection. For their first collaboration, space has been given to the unexpected. Indeed, each tabletop is unique thanks to its enamel colour or aspect and its paper-like folds.

In the Ligne Treize gallery, Matthew Chambers presents his hypnotizing collection. Intriguing, the minimalist yet complex sculptures are built from layering many sections within a single form. Combining traditional processes and contemporary form, he explores shapes in a beautiful way.

With its exhibition The Ceramic Tablescape, the Nov gallery, in collaboration with the CERCCO, revisits the art of table dressing in a resolutely contemporary style. Emerging Swiss designers such as Damian Fopp, Raphaël Lutz, Laurin Schaub, Yusuké Yamamoto Offhause, Vincent Dechelette, among others, present their new interpretations of table art, in a scenography signed by Lausanne-based Egli Studio.

At Echoppe des Arts, French artist Chloé Peytermann welcomes you into her poetic world. Intuitive search for harmony of shapes and colours, her collection awakens your senses and stays engraved in your memory.

The Korean artist Sejin Bae creates a world where the ceramic tradition meets the aesthetics of technology. The laps of time involve duration, repetition, transformation, circulation, and so do his monochrome vessels presented in Aubert Jansem gallery.

Reflection game is on in the Carouge museum with the exhibition Ceramic Mirror. Learn more about it and the different shows on A not-to-be-missed artful stroll through Carouge!

Photography: ©Geraldine Morand