Vibrant resonances at Mobilab Gallery

Resonances, the vibrant exhibition of Swiss artist Eliane Gervasoni is currently showcased at Mobilab Gallery, in Lausanne. In this refined space paying tribute to contemporary creation, the clean lines of her work contrasts with the organic shape of Bioma sculptural bench designed by Italian ImperfettoLab.

Face to face, impressive large formats and series in smaller sizes echo each other. While a first geometric shape is drawn in white ink on black paper, each repetition gives depth to the artwork. Like chalk on a blackboard, sharp lines grow in cadence and thus, create subtle vibrations.

Playing with contrasts, emptiness and fullness, light and darkness, the artist explores different combinations and dresses up the visual space with an architectural discipline, also recalling her first passion, printmaking.

No need to stare at the drawings, the intensity of each artwork is perceived as soon as you enter the gallery. To discover until tomorrow!

MOBILAB GALLERY – Rue du Simplon 35, 1006 Lausanne – Switzerland
RESONANCES exhibition until November 18, 2017

Photography: ©Geraldine Morand