Pavillon Bar & Kitchen’s by Julia Christ

Located in the heart of Lausanne, the Pavillon Bar & Kitchen has opened its doors earlier this year. After spending the sunny days on the terrace, it is about time to enter and discover this new city’s hotspot.


The former ice-cream shop from the 80’s offers now a cosy atmosphere for a morning coffee, a friendly lunch place, a peaceful work corner, a relaxing afternoon tea – or champagne – time, a festive dinner setting and of course, a lively cocktail lounge.

But how can one place adapt to any time of day? To learn more about it, we have met the talented interior architect Julia Christ, who has designed the Pavillon Bar & Kitchen.

Specialised in hospitality design, she proposed a holistic approach for this makeover. Staying true to the history of the place and taking the area’s vibe into consideration, she gave it a soul.

First of all, rethinking space and colours, she went bold with black walls, creating thus a unique atmosphere. With the adequate lightning, it perfectly fits the cosy day ambiance and the party mood at night. Indeed, the large window walls let the natural light in and give an indoor/outdoor feel during daytime, while a pink neon light reflects on the brass structure of the bar and thus, brightens up the atmosphere when the sun goes down.

From furniture to tableware, she carefully chose all the pieces, working only with craftsmanship and high-quality materials that age well and gain character over time. While the wooden floor and the cement tiles placed in a mosaic around the bar perfectly combine, the elegant marble tables and colourful pillows lighten up the dark interior.

Each detail has a story to tell! With her large network of craftmans and antique experts, Julia always manages to find the perfect interior accessories. The silver cutlery comes from an old hotel in Britain and military tenting canvas has been turned into bench coating. Designed by graphic designer and artist Sara Thom, the vegetal pattern of the menu recalls the handmade glass framed herbariums that dress up the wall.


True to her very personal style, she harmoniously mixes raw materials with contemporary pieces and unique vintage finds in order to create one-of-kind places, always tailor-made, always authentic!

With expertise and passion, Julia Christ has also designed the Bellini Café in Lausanne and she reserves you some more surprises for 2017. We can’t wait to discover these new gourmet spots that are a veritable feast for the eyes, and for the palate.

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wtss-julia_christ_pavillonbarkitchen_06PAVILLON BAR & KITCHEN – Place de la Riponne 10, 1005 Lausanne – Switzerland

Photography: ©Samuel Zeller for all interior pictures

Photography: ©Julia Christ for the outdoor view and menu picture

Portrait picture: ©Geraldine Morand