Tiles, a game changer

Playing a significant role in interior design, tiles set the look and feel of a room. Understated or bold, they dress up the interior and give it a character.

Specialised in flooring, Les Sols de la Riviera has opened its doors in Montreux a few months ago. Working with international brands and talented craftsmen, the firm proposes a wide selection of tiles and home furnishing textiles.

Carefully chosen colours and patterns can influence the visual perception and make the space appear bigger or brighter.


While the Terrazzo pattern made a strong comeback in 2016, the material was originally used for flooring in Italian palazzos and Venetian houses as of the 16th century.

With their incrustations of marble, mother-of-pearl or glass, Terrazzo tiles by Couleurs & Matières are highly resistant to everyday use and present a slightly shining surface.



For Mutina, the renowned Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has created, among others, the Bas-Relief collection for walls and floors. Made of indoor porcelain stoneware, the tiles are available in natural and neutral shades. The subtle patterns obtained by extrusion give a refined finish to the interior.



So authentic, terracotta tiles bring a sunny warmth and rustic touch to the home. Handmade and glazed in France, Josse’s tiles reflect the colours of nature, while the collection by Studio Le Nid perpetuate the Sicilian craft tradition. The Italian Studio also produces tiles made of glazed lava stone, suitable for fireplaces and kitchens as they are not temperature sensitive.



For wood flooring or home textiles, darker shades are in trend. In order to create tailor-made floor coverings, the designer Jakub Staron travels the world to discover new fibers and weaving techniques. As each rug is crafted by hand, there are endless possibilities. To design unique pieces, fibers, patterns and colours can be chosen. Here, a few of them are placed on grey oak flooring by Design Parquet.

LES SOLS DE LA RIVIERA – Route de Brent 13E, 1816 Chailly-Montreux – Switzerland

Photography: ©Geraldine Morand