Let the summer vibes in!

While the temperatures rise, it’s time to give your home a touch of sunshine and a vacation feel. With these few pieces, your interior will already get the fresh look of a summer house.

What if you could start your day by waking up in fresh turquoise bed sheets? Inspired by the five oceans and their beautiful shades of blue, this aquarelle-designed duvet by Amsterdam-based Crisp Sheets will soften your mornings. If you prefer flowers, the artistic Embedded Stories by Swiss designer Estelle Gassmann will brighten your dreams.


Colour up your table with the melting mugs by Studio Arhoj‘s ceramic experts. In order to keep the tradition alive, the team creates and decorates all pieces by hand, that’s why each one is completely unique. In Switzerland, there are available at Kizuku and in Denmark, at Stilleben.


For the ones who like to catch the wave, you can easily get the surfing vibes inside by exposing your board in your kitchen or living room. It will definitely remind you of all the fun and awake the curiosity of your guests!


In the same spirit, Ferm Living in collaboration with knit-artist Rikke Jo Tholstrup has recently launched a limited edition of wooden paddles inspired by the indigenous art of North America. From wood to knitted cover, every single paddle is handmade and sourced in Denmark.


Finally, to add a tropical atmosphere to your interior, choose a few vegetal prints such as the palm tree print by Danish designer Kristina Dam or the cactus one from My Deer Art.

Don’t wait any longer and enjoy the summer vibes!

WTSS-summeraccessories-Ollie-and-sebs-haus-kristina-dam WTSS-Summeraccessories-MyDeerArtShop

Photography by Crisp Sheets (1), Estelle Gassmann (2), Studio Arhoj (3), Geraldine Morand (4), Ferm Living (5), Kristina Dam (6) and My deer Art (7)