Daydreaming at Urbanspa

Thanks to Urbanspa, Fribourg’s new relaxation oasis, escaping the noise and pressing pause for a moment of comfort has never been so easy!

In this temple of well-being, the time stops and makes your worries fly away! The horns of the street disappear, letting stillness and silence take over. After a warm welcome, a tailor-made program awaits the visitor seeking for relaxation. On the menu: sounds of nature or folk music? Relaxing oil or golden treat? Gentle or energetic massage? Everyone can create the atmosphere that suits them best!

In this cosy cocoon, everything invites to inner peace. No excess allowed, a back-to-basics approach that benefits body and mind. With minimalist lines, carefully chosen furniture with a sleek design, softened light and soothing music, serenity reigns supreme.

The deep blue of the steam bath and the woody atmosphere of the sauna strengthen this pleasant sense of calm. The colours and materials remind us of the familiar universe of our mountains. Laura Gavillet, initiator of this bright idea and owner of the spa, confirms that she got inspired by the falls of Trümmelbach in the Bernese Oberland to imagine this unique place. She worked closely with Lausanne-based architecture firm Index, Fribourg-based artist Jérôme Berbier and graphic designer Pascal Nemeshazy to give life to this beautiful spa where time is suspended.

The experience begins in the hamman. Immersed in a comforting steam bath, the body relaxes and thus, let the mind wander. Nowadays, taking time for yourself is the ultimate luxury!

Back to reality, or rather to the cold shower! The bravest ones will try the icy water bucket for a guaranteed invigorating effect, but only to better plunge back into the sauna’s soothing heat.

Afterwards, a break in the poetic universe of the lounge is best enjoyed with a delicious tea. The cosy atmosphere and the luminous clouds floating in space allow us to take up our sweet daydreaming session again. But soon, the desire to bask in the jacuzzi calls. Needless to resist! The ideal water temperature and the bubbles release even the most tenacious muscle tension.

The festivities are not over, it’s time for a scrub and a massage. There’s nothing like an exfoliating treatment, with quartz sand, guarana or apricot kernel to boost the skin and leave it as soft as silk.

Last but not least, the relaxing massage with oils created especially for the spa by the local naturopath Damien Eichenberger, ensures an infinite relaxation. Swiss, organic or natural-based products, are used for all treatments.

At Urbanspa, there’s no rush hours! Only twenty people at a time can enjoy this quiet bubble out-of-time. Even on Tuesday, official « chatter » day, the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. A return to the source so wonderful, that we would love to stay much longer!

URBANSPA – Rue St-Pierre 5, 1700 Fribourg – Switzerland

Photography: ©Geraldine Morand

except the 3 last pictures - sauna, steam bath & quiet room - by ©Urbanspa