Discovery Tour of Plateforme 10

Lausanne has a new architectural gem! The art and culture hub Plateforme 10 will host the Fine Arts Museum MCBA, the Photography Museum Musée de l’Elysée and the Design Museum MUDAC, as well as the Toms Pauli and Félix Vallotton Foundations, in a common location. This new “arts district” situated a few steps away from the Lausanne train station, may radically change Lausanne cultural scene and city life, when it officially opens its doors on October 5th, 2019!

As the boundaries between creative fields are getting permeable, artistic practices tend to enrich one another, or sometimes even blend together. By gathering fine arts, photography and design under the same roof, Plateforme 10 reflects this contemporary approach and opens up a dialogue between them, but not only. Its architecture also invites Lausanne residents to connect with the extremely rich cultural array of the city.

The former locomotive shed has been turned by EBV Estudio Barozzi /Veiga into an impressive building. The bricks of the external cladding recalls the site’s industrial history, while the bright and sleek interior plays with light and shades thanks to the wide windows, offering a stunning view on the city. Beyond the spacious rooms that are ready to welcome the coming MCBA exhibition, the exterior space has be rethought into a large public square. May this new district create new bridges and meaningful interactions between people and art, and boost Lausanne creative energy.

Photography: ©Geraldine Morand