Swivel Series: Exploring Materiality

During the first edition of Parisan salon MATTER and SHAPE, the natural stone brand SolidNature unveils an enriched Swivel series by Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis. Complementing the rotating seats, the new tables in two-tone marbles also combine soft hues and brutalist feel. By adding movement to each piece, the designer creates an ever-evolving landscape, a delicate dance between nature and human beings.

Initially developed for a public installation in the St Giles Square, in London, the Swivel series highlights the natural beauty of marble, putting this noble material in the spotlight. Sabine Marcelis explores SolidNature’s vast collection of natural stones, including Stormy Glacier Marble, Orchidea Marble, Sunflower Onyx, and Kamilia Rose Marble, and creates carefully handpicked duos juxtaposing unexpected hues and patterns. 

With an of-centre point of rotation, the Dutch designer brings movement to each piece of the collection. Brought together, these marble tables and chairs generate playful  interactions between the seated people. Offering a beautiful panorama of the diverse natural stones, the Swivel series celebrates our deep connection to nature, even more when placed in an urban environment!

Text : ©Géraldine Morand

Photography: Courtesy of SolidNature, with thanks